Meditation Friday – Internal/External Belief

Do we need others to believe in us in order to believe in ourselves?

Most of us do. Certainly not everyone. But, for most of us, having at least one person who supports us — preferably someone who we ourselves respect and admire, gives us a boost to go after what we want in life. Oftentimes, we make the sad discovery that the people we respect a great deal don’t seem to believe in us, or encourage whatever choices we are pursuing. This can be deflating and sometimes, devastating. We can easily start to believe them, shutting down the voice in our heart, our inner guide. The trick, then, is not to put our sense of self-belief in the hands of others. Imagine someone giving you that power? It would be unhealthy. People don’t know everything.

If there is a voice inside you, however quiet, that says you can do it, learn to listen to it. This might mean learning to silence all that outside noise.