Meditation Friday – Letting Go

How do we Let Go?

As this year draws to its undeniable end, I’ve taken the invitation to reflect on it from a distanced, yet personal level. For this, I found a quiet setting in which to run through my year, looking at what was provided, asking what – if anything – was taken away. My goal was not to analyse the Whys and What Ifs, but rather to participate in honest and objective observation of matters in which I felt fully entangled, in order that a new leaf be turned.

‘Let Go’ is a good piece of advice, but really, I’ve never truly known how to do that. It wasn’t until I made the concentrated effort to sit down and reflect on things objectively that I realised that is how. In other words, the key to letting go of something is regarding it as separate. When I ran through the ups and downs of my year, I pretended they had nothing to do with me. And what happened in my mind was extraordinary; it felt like I was shovelling snow from its paths. Some clean and fluffy; others more of a sloppy sleet. In any case, I realised the futility in spending too much time evaluating and blaming, or praising and celebrating. The best way forward is to clear the paths so that newcomers can arrive on fresh, uncluttered ground. From my experience, once we remove ourselves entirely from a situation, we begin to realise that we are no longer in control of it’s outcome, and never really were. When that truth sinks in (and I mean really sinks in), then letting go is not something we try to do, it’s just a process that naturally happens – like the weather situation.

Oh and . . . isn’t it lovely when fairy-tale billows of snow fall from the sky?