Meditation Friday – Balance

Balance: The Bigger Picture

I came across an old diary the other day. One which I’d kept a few years ago to write lists of aspirations and pages of ponderings. Reading back, I’m struck by how often I refer to the concept of ‘balance’. The wish to lead a balanced life, the components, the foundations (even the origins!) of balance were clearly on my mind a lot. I sensed the person writing was more imbalanced than in balance.

I start one entry with a lengthy list of actions relating to various areas of life (physical, financial, career, environmental, emotional, social, community, creative) and then, as if realising the overwhelming task I’d just unchecked, I end with the sentence: “In fact, no, what I really want is just to find balance.”

No one can say that’s not a worthy goal, but I was naïve in my pursuit. I just wanted to get there, wherever that was. I targeted some kind of grand, overall sense of balance (a nebulous concept, if there ever was one), thinking that, once attained, would stay with me permanently. I guess I didn’t want to acknowledge that those various areas of life are the very roots of balance. That maintaining them is a continuous effort. That when roots are looked after, watered, fed, given space to be and grow, a plant will transform into it’s true nature.   

I always find something to smile about when I look back. This time, I smile because I now see the bigger picture. I’ve learnt that finding the balance that’s right for ME is a matter of choosing the right behaviour day-to-day. It’s a matter of saying yes to some things and no to others — beckoning heart and head into these decisions. It’s not always easy, but it’s worthy.