Meditation Friday – Grace

Are we sailing gracefully?

I like metaphors. Especially ones that sound beautiful, or ones that hit me in the chest. If they sound beautiful and hit me in the chest, all the better; that’s how I know they reveal a good bit of wisdom. There are many, but one that I particularly lean towards is that of the sailor. In other words, that we are all sailors, navigating ourselves through the sea of life.

I love it. In essence, it conveys that we are in control of how we live (our sails), but not how life treats us (the sea). As sailors, we can (and should) have faith and hope that the sea will not give us anything that we cannot handle, but we should not expect it to be synchronised with our hopes. Because what all sailors learn at one point or another is that the sea can be tumultuous.

Do you know someone who is adept at handling tumults? They are probably sailing with a very important quality: grace. When I experience someone who remains poised, restrained and dignified despite the chaos that swirls around them, a sense of harmony and comfort takes root in me. And from that, I know this is how I want to set my sails, too.

“The breeze of grace is always blowing; set your sails to catch that breeze.”

~ Ramakrishna

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