Meditation Friday – Technology

Technology: handle with care

My main laptop takes an average of four minutes. Not to load-up/boot upon starting (I wish). No no, just to load-up anything – even an operation as standard as a right click. Meanwhile, my other laptop is not switching on at all. It’s currently in the guardianship of a Lebanese self-proclaimed tech-whizzo who thinks he can bring it back to life. Despite battling with it for a couple of months, it hasn’t made a single, hopeful wheeze. He’s still not ready to admit defeat and hand it back to me. Mohamed possesses perseverance in unwise levels.  

At some point during one of many excruciatingly long waits for a page to respond, I came to the conclusion that technology is participating in a cruel plot to make me lose my handle. And it’s succeeding.

I used to scoff at people who’d spend their better buck on the latest gadget. You know the kind; those who queue at the break of dawn on a Sunday in January for the new ‘i’ whatever. But now…NOW I understand. Now that I’ve seen how positively life-damaging and evil bad technology can be, I totally one hundred percent get it.

This is all a bit out of place for a Meditation Friday, but you must realise, dear reader, that I am writing from a not-so-peachy place. One day, I will read this back from a peachy place and say to myself: “Drama queen! Nothing is plotting against you! Technology just doesn’t last forever! Buy a new laptop you skobbydoddle and shut up!!”

And so I’ll shut up.