Meditation Friday – Happy Birthday

Why does the party have to stop?

Think about it: when it’s your birthday, you feel totally fantastic. This is mostly because: 

You Step Outside.  
You walk like a Badass

You look your Best.  
You do things that make you Happy.  
You use your Smile

You connect with people you Love
You let People treat you like you’re Special. 

You believe you’re Special.   
You don’t rush through the Day. 

You Relax.  

You Celebrate
You embrace Gifts.  
You’re grateful for your Life.  

Now imagine if you lived like this all the other 364 days of your years. Imagine if you made every day your birthday and treated everyone else as if it was their birthday, too. How would that look? Let’s try it for the rest of this month and see…    

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