My Heaven Is…

My heaven is a luscious garden, 
both manicured and wild  
All its nature envelops me 
with a pure and lasting kiss 
In it, I feel loved, free, at home and 
young again 
–  a child.  

Gifts of ripened fruit and fancy flora 
Decorate each tree 
All the different species and strains 
Especially papaya 
(piles of papaya!) 
Fall into my hands 
I catch them 
– all free.  

My heaven is a desert island 
With generous, clean, white sand 
That neighbours a friendly sea 
Like a boy and his golden retriever 
All day and night, the waves play, 
Licking what they love  
the most 
– the land.  

My heaven is the deep blue sea 
A universe in disguise; 
A jungle of marine life, coral reefs and 
Tropical stars 
Night and day, they breathe 
And shine 

All my heavens
In my eyes.