Meditation – Spring, the time to…

As the days are getting longer and the weather is getting fairer, it seems like an appropriate time to meditate on changes – specifically, our culture’s attempts to make changes.

Why is it that the beginning of January, the new year, is earmarked as the best time to start resolutions?  When it isn’t. In fact, in my view, it is probably the worst time. Think about it: the middle of winter. Daylength is short. The skies are leaden. The cold is inescapable (unless, of course, you escape it) … Our reserves of energy, motivation and sense of wealth are peculiarly scarce. Change is action. And activity is most certainly not on January’s agenda. Hibernation, on the other hand, is. It’s not my intention to paint such a gloomy picture of winter here. Winter certainly has a beautiful quality, meriting songs of praise just as much as any other season. It is the best time, for instance, to tune inwards; to plan, to reflect, to be calm, to meditate…

…but as far as embracing change goes, frankly, it’s not up to par. Indeed, it doesn’t possess any qualities that might champion success. For making concrete changes, we need a backdrop of light, new flowers, fresh fragrances, rainbows and pastel colours. We need to be in a cycle of rebirth, when eggs and baby animals abound, when there is a certain kind of vulnerable energy, magic and fever in the air. 
We need (you guessed it) Spring. 

New journeys and new ideas hatch naturally in spring. 
Spring is the time for us to embark on joyful change because spring is joyful change.

So, if the well-intended resolutions you made in January have since been abandoned, it’s unlikely to be through any fault of your own. The timing was astray. That said, now might be a good time – the best time, even – to revisit them.