Blooming Luck

The harder you work,
the luckier you get

That’s how the adage goes
Fields of labour,
none in bloom

Suppose that’s the path I chose

To live and write
to scribble and scribe
to chaperone pen to paper

To grind the beans
to pour the juice,
wiping the overspill later

There’s one who reads
this verse with thrill
naïve to hope for more ?
Each night I dream
the Teds and Eds
come knocking on my door

Connexions count,
so too must skill

That blooming thing called Luck

Stories of those underdogs
whose wheels and stars lined up

Perhaps it’s time to
take to the air ;
see other paths in view
— but no . . .
there’s one who sees my flair

Tomorrow there might be two.

The Final Conte

The crowd demands to hear a tale

It’s wants are quite immutable

Many stories it has heard

O that is undisputable

[ Each traveller that seeks a safe

Transition through the portal

Must bestow a passage from

Their memoir as a mortal ]

Some of them are laced with guilt,

And puerile criminality,

Allegories of foolish deeds

Devoid of spirituality

But of course, in other ones,

the sweetest friendships burgeon

With joyful heart and ovation

The crowd receives these versions.

Meditation – The Flying Five

Let me tell you about someone I’m glad to know. He’s a cousin of mine. He lives on the other side of the Atlantic so I don’t see him much, but I wish I did. I’ve been learning about his great achievements and building a picture of the high-minded man he’s grown up to be. He is, in a word, amazing. But I’m not here to list his talents or successes, although they are worth boasting about. Instead, I want to shine a little light on the people who I believe played an enormous role in his spectacular ripening. There were five of them . . .  

Number one was his groupie. She rooted for him from the very beginning and persuaded him that the world was rooting for him, too. She boosted his confidence until it became as unshakeable as a mountain.  

Number two was his adviser. She helped him to define his inner longings and educated him on how to hone his skills. Using her own experience and knowledge, she wisely guided him towards the best possible decisions.  

Number three was his team-mate. She put in the same level of commitment and dedication as he did. She was a person from whom he received both support and collaboration. If he ever didn’t show up or perform his best, she would know it and push him to do better next time.

Number four was his anchor. She showed him that uncertainties were part of life and never let him lose sight of his values. When the going got tough, she lifted his spirits and reminded him to trust.

Number five was his student. She challenged his thinking, questioned his motivations and demanded his attention, creativity, optimism, and respect. She indefatigably shaped his leadership skills and gave him the gifts of patience and perseverance.

At this point, I’m going to confess that this is nothing but speculation; I don’t have the slightest clue whether or not he knows such people. But I’m going to bet with certainty that if he doesn’t, he managed to find them within himself.

rocking chair

rocking chair
white and sturdy
sweep me off my feet
cluck and whistle
like a birdy
swing and sway like wheat
back and forth
suavely flowing
in between each tilt
ever coming ever going
just before the hilt
keep me cradled
use your charms
keep my jitters quelled
take me firmly
in your arms
keep my spine upheld
we are bodies
made for motion
let us then unite
with a graceful sure devotion
with a mood for flight