scriblets before bed

Tick To…
…ck. I sensed the clock
STOP in the middle of the night.
So I startled the cat,
replaced the batt
and all was again just right

You loved me once
and I, you
and now’s the time
to make memories new

Hola, Lola
Where you going?
Looking pretty
In that dress
But you know
The wind’s a’blowing
Soon you’ll be
A fine ‘ol mess!

Anniversary Poem

It was the thirteenth Friday
In the month of showers
They’d heard it would herald
Misfortune and rain
But skeptics they be
— and fortunately!
They decided to meet on the lane…

She liked his style, eyes and smile
He liked her face and conversation
They flirted for a little while
Then said goodbye at the station

A ripple of dates
(each one – top rate)
Put them on a marvellous rocket
To the very same seats
Where their eyes first did meet
This time: a ring in his pocket

It was the thirteenth Saturday
In the month of showers
Last years predictions:
Hilariously wrong!
For there they sat
With diamonds and flowers…

Now doesn’t that call for a song?