This Is What

This poem was written for and recited on a momentous day : Saturday 18th of July 2020. It was meant only for those who heard it first, but those special people have insisted I share it . . .

Heaps of parsley on the countertop
A house full of stuff to borrow
Dad playing sudoku at every o’clock
Mum wide awake into tomorrow.

Morning notes on envelopes
“Maroo, wake me at eight thirty”
A symphony of ringing phones
Rarely the call is for me.

Plain and simple, everyday
581 Shields Road business
Precious in their own wee way
This is what I’ll miss.

A home full of music and greenery
Creativity, joy and rhyme
Moments like this in my memory
Enough love to last a lifetime.

Two buoyant brothers: Mike and Paul
A family who makes me laugh
The kindest hearted man of all
This is what I’ll have.

To preserve some space and mystery
To journey together to undiscovered ends
To honour our roots and history
To always remain the best of friends.

To keep in sight the things I know:
That love is in the here and now
And union is to make us grow
This is what I vow.

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