Reasons to walk after dinner

  • To let the vapour of polluted conversations dissolve into the air.
  • To escape dish-washing duties.
  • To breathe in the fresh air.
  • To perfect your stride.
  • To play the ‘automatic or manual’ car game.
  • To eavesdrop on birds.
  • To let post-dinner gases be released outside in the open air.
  • To provide your assistance to lost travellers if required.
  • To see how long that cat will follow you for.
  • To look at trees.
  • To look at your laces.
  • To see what the neighbourhood folk are up to (is that lady playing piano again?)
  • To pretend you’re the leader of an expedition.
  • To lock eyes with a fox.
  • To lose your way.
  • To return.

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