Am I a cook, or am I a dancer?

I shuffle in. The kitchen’s still
The floor is mine, all mine
I lace my apron with a frill
The light’s come on: Showtime.

My body starts to tic and tingle
– sensing what the hour brings
A delectable and fluid mingle
With vegetables and other things.

It starts off with a gentle pull,
A balance on one leg
One, Two step (heedless of rule)
A tap, a crack, an egg.

A flick of the wrist, a swish of the arm
The breath, quicker yet steady
A hip shake, oblivious of its charm
This sequence: done and ready.

Now up the passion, up the heat
Fire up and flow!
What’s that – rhythmic, tapping feet?
The neighbours smell – and know.

The elbow spins, the spoon it swirls
It’s noticeably synchronous!
Aromas loop, as body twirls

Back in my place of blissfulness.

4 Replies to “Am I a cook, or am I a dancer?”

  1. You are so skillful Mariam! You had me dancing and mouth watering to the beat and heat of your words. Thank you! Big hug xxx

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