Fancy Fantasy

Oh it’s just my fancy fantasy
To meet you on the lane
To see your crooked, dimpled grin
Your rain soaked hair again

Across the cafeteria
I caught your sideways glance
Day after day, break after break
Persistence led to chance

My phone would beep, my pocket buzzed
But mostly conversation
Face-to-face, eye-to-eye
Until our Graduation

You were smart and charming
I could see it when I knew you
Yet all your dreams were orphaned
You let life happen to you

At times I’ll wonder where you are
Roaming in the mountains
Drawing plans for builders
Throwing pennies in the fountains

The way our efforts dwindled
The way our silence grew
What we forged could never last
I grieved what I so knew

Oh it’s just my fancy fantasy
To meet you on the lane
Two decades past and school dissolved
Would you still know my name?

No Go

No you can’t go there,
Sebastian, my boy
Trespassing’s forbidden
That camera’s no toy

No you can’t do that,
Sebastian, my wain
It’s not even worth it
You’ll blacken your name

No you can’t take that
Sebastian, my son
They’ll notice it’s missing
How fast can you run?

Oh Sebastian, Sebastian
You refuse to be taught
So go do it all
Just don’t get caught!

[ But if they do catch you,
Mr. No-means-Yes
Don’t wriggle, don’t lie
You fool, just confess! ]