Chin to the Moon

The walker was walking at a walkerly pace
Hands stuffed in an oversized trench
Eyes bowed down – a mystery face
I watched them from the bench

The darkening sky sheltered our heads
The stars would be here soon
The walker suddenly halted their legs
And lifted their chin to the moon

She lifted her chin to the moon
In one perfect moment
both of us lifted
We lifted our chins to the moon


Here is a poem I wrote in 2018 when the state of love was working it’s way into my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day ♥︎

His favourite time is sunrise
Wherein he finds Nirvana
He treads the track of few guys
He wears a red bandana
He lodges in delightful din
yet stays centred in his bliss
He speaks to me of yang and yin
I rather like his kiss.

My name on a spine

I thought I wanted to read the poems of others
but really I want others to read mine
I’d like to be referenced in a thesis one day
I’d like to see my name on a spine
It’s quite motivating
yet quite disconcerting
they’re marching behind me:
the soldiers of time
I feel it looming
a bright star glooming
humbly hanging
on this rhyme.


I’ve never realised until now how terribly loud it is here
Noises everywhere!
Emanating from every corner and angle and nook
I mind it
I truly mind it
I’m getting nowhere with this piece
If I could, I would sprout wings and go off-grid
Fly off to an uninhabited island where silence reigns with a majestic, golden crown
The waves gently lapping at the coast wouldn’t bother me
No. For that is not true noise – that is peace sound
That is a shiatsu head massage, that is
Would you be there? Yes of course you would be
You’re my head; you accompany me everywhere!
What do you mean “then it would still be loud”?
We would be on a remote island!
Just me and you — Ah, I see where you’re going
Yes, I see
Well you could be quiet for a change
What do you mean “impossible”?
I could train you
You could learn
With a tinge of patience and a bout practice it could definitely be ach—
oh shut up.