I’ve never realised until now how terribly loud it is here
Noises everywhere!
Emanating from every corner and angle and nook
I mind it
I truly mind it
I’m getting nowhere with this piece
If I could, I would sprout wings and go off-grid
Fly off to an uninhabited island where silence reigns with a majestic, golden crown
The waves gently lapping at the coast wouldn’t bother me
No. For that is not true noise – that is peace sound
That is a shiatsu head massage, that is
Would you be there? Yes of course you would be
You’re my head; you accompany me everywhere!
What do you mean “then it would still be loud”?
We would be on a remote island!
Just me and you β€” Ah, I see where you’re going
Yes, I see
Well you could be quiet for a change
What do you mean “impossible”?
I could train you
You could learn
With a tinge of patience and a bout practice it could definitely be achβ€”
oh shut up.

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