My Mother, She Is

What a scrumptious woman
My mother, she is
Her food is utter delight!
What are her secrets?
Nobody knows! She rustles everything up at night

What an elegant woman
My mother, she is
Her beauty is captivating
All the boys in every school
Would wish it was her they were dating

What a big-hearted woman
My mother, she is
A true and loving giver
Winding along, nourishing lives
Like a sparkling running river

What a wonderful woman
My mother, she is
Beyond borders, her friendship expands
Give her a ship and watch how she sails
To greet friends in every land

What a shimmering woman
Nada, she is
Shining brighter than any other
She is the star and the sun of my world
She is my phenomenal mother


4 Replies to “My Mother, She Is”

    1. Ha! Maybe I should clarify that I intended it to mean at the time when she was at school 🙂

      1. Of course I got what you meant and when dearest Mariam. Every year you never fail to amaze me with your sweet, and very kind words put in such a magical theme. I love it and I love you more.

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