This is not a circular

If you’re reading this on Sunday 21st March 2021, Happy World Poetry Day! Be sure to read some poetry or, better yet, recite some to a friend. And hey, you’ve come to the right place...

How language makes a fool of us
We grasp at every word
Purpling our faces
At what we’ve read or heard
Tarnishing a simple phrase
Knitting it with friction
We would be wise to bend our ears
To words of benediction
Better be to dwell in these
Let blessings fill our orbit
Or take offence, retaliate
But think of what we’d forfeit
A state of peace, a settled head
The grace of equanimity
A present love, a lighter tread
The pathway to divinity

So much to gain, so much to win
Should we unleash the heavy load
Of anguish, shame, strife and chagrin
And make serenity our abode.

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