In October

October is a special kind of month
Oranges, reds and yellows enchant us
On rainless days, especially
We go for walks in the park
We’re still on bikes and scooters
(But we don’t hang our laundry out anymore)
We still wear sunglasses
(But definitely not sandals)
We are relatively busy
(But only relatively)
Pumpkin armies confront us
Travel doesn’t occupy our minds so much
We nestle a bit deeper into our homes, on our sofas
Begrudgingly, we put the heating on
We unravel our maroons
And cancel appointments with the hairdresser
(Our necks need the warmth)
We press snooze again
and again
and again

We do all of this and in between
We burn autumn-spiced candles
And feel snug and smug
Because we’ve done it again;
We’ve mastered the art of living
In October.