Have you a knack for sharpening pencils?
Few can do it right.
Without patience and know-how
you’ll break the thin graphite.

Do you like the sound of scribble?
It sure takes you back to school
Headteachers seemed so frightening
The big boys seemed so cool.

Do you remember playing softball
On a waspy summers day?
Precious moments leave behind
Memories that stay.


Fill this world without apology
(you’re going to fill it anyway)
Tread this earth with wonder and curiosity
(you’re going to tread it anyway)

Create beauty, mend the cracks
(you’re going to do something anyway)
Enjoy your time here; smile, sing, play
(the time will pass anyway)

Attempt what thrills you, fills you, scares you
(you’re going to meet failure anyway)
Become someone you wish to be around
(you’re going to become someone anyway…
you’re going to be around you everyday)

Use this advice
to move through your life
with happiness and ease.
Or do as you please!