park day

I lay on the green
under the blue
as the whites came and went
nowhere to be
nothing to do
the essence of content


Go there where the wavy water
Slaps your neck and cleans your feet
Where the children’s camel castles
Are swept away in one swift beat
There you’ll find no lanes or coat-hooks
No waxy lifeguards to impress
Out beyond the heavy doors
Is an open, perfect, honest mess.


I wish I knew her, that gentle soul
of shades of bronze and sand.
Softly, swiftly, my heart she stole
I reached out for her hand.

Though I don’t speak her syllables
nor am I of her kind
I perched atop her cereal bowl
I did not think she’d mind.

This is not a circular

If you’re reading this on Sunday 21st March 2021, Happy World Poetry Day! Be sure to read some poetry or, better yet, recite some to a friend. And hey, you’ve come to the right place...

How language makes a fool of us
We grasp at every word
Purpling our faces
At what we’ve read or heard
Tarnishing a simple phrase
Knitting it with friction
We would be wise to bend our ears
To words of benediction
Better be to dwell in these
Let blessings fill our orbit
Or take offence, retaliate
But think of what we’d forfeit
A state of peace, a settled head
The grace of equanimity
A present love, a lighter tread
The pathway to divinity

So much to gain, so much to win
Should we unleash the heavy load
Of anguish, shame, strife and chagrin
And make serenity our abode.

My Mother, She Is

What a scrumptious woman
My mother, she is
Her food is utter delight!
What are her secrets?
Nobody knows! She rustles everything up at night

What an elegant woman
My mother, she is
Her beauty is captivating
All the boys in every school
Would wish it was her they were dating

What a big-hearted woman
My mother, she is
A true and loving giver
Winding along, nourishing lives
Like a sparkling running river

What a wonderful woman
My mother, she is
Beyond borders, her friendship expands
Give her a ship and watch how she sails
To greet friends in every land

What a shimmering woman
Nada, she is
Shining brighter than any other
She is the star and the sun of my world
She is my phenomenal mother


Kaleidoscopic Pastime Topics

Grab a pencil, coin a new word
Hum a tune or learn a rhyme
Paint a shelf or draw a bluebird
Unleash your cord with wasted time

Make friends with science, read some Hawking
Prove his theory’s not a sham
The house is big enough for walking
– tour it like it’s Buckingham

Steal a football, cause some trouble
then vanish like the setting sun
Search for treasure in the rubble
Bury yours if you find none

Pull some weeds or plant some seedlings
Dust the cactus on the sill
And if those fail to stir your feelings
Sit in silence and be still!


dead leaves caught among the stems
waiting for a gust to blow
so they can join their fallen friends
and once again wither and grow

Chin to the Moon

The walker was walking at a walkerly pace
Hands stuffed in an oversized trench
Eyes bowed down – a mystery face
I watched them from the bench

The darkening sky sheltered our heads
The stars would be here soon
The walker suddenly halted their legs
And lifted their chin to the moon

She lifted her chin to the moon
In one perfect moment
both of us lifted
We lifted our chins to the moon


Here is a poem I wrote in 2018 when the state of love was working it’s way into my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day ♥︎

His favourite time is sunrise
Wherein he finds Nirvana
He treads the track of few guys
He wears a red bandana
He lodges in delightful din
yet stays centred in his bliss
He speaks to me of yang and yin
I rather like his kiss.